“I recently had my first session with Jen and was truly blown away by this modality. As a person with PTSD with more than a decade of traditional therapy under my belt, I was frankly quite suspicious despite my curiosity.

In my first session Jen explained the research behind her work, lead me through a series of exercises and ultimately into the method. It was simple, nothing I haven’t done before in yoga or an exercise class but the effects were profound.

The rest of the day I had increased energy and focus that remained for several more days. I have been sleeping better and waking more rested, as well as feeling a greater sense of connection to people in my life.” -K, TRE client, November 2017

“I have done TRE with Jen in both a group and an individual setting, and had wonderful experiences. She was attentive to what I needed, skillful, and encouraging. Thank you for teaching me a new way to relieve stress.” -P, TRE client, October 2017

“I like how Jen is respectful of where her clients mentally come from., and that each is in a different mind space for healing.” -A, participant in professional training, February 2020

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