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Self Care, Stress Management, Tension Release, Emotional Regulation, Mindfulness, Resiliency

Happy Employees = A Successful Company

We all want to take good care of our employees. Research and personal experience tell us that happy, fulfilled employees in low stress environments have less turn over, are more productive and have fewer work place conflicts.

What can employers do to help create this reality among their staff?

I provide trainings and coaching for businesses that want to provide their employees with simple, concrete, and effective strategies for managing their stress on a day to day basis.

I offer a selection of packages depending on the unique needs of your employees. Each package is founded on neurological and psychological research that tells us the most effective and practical ways to manage stress.

I can also provide one on one coaching in these same areas if desired.

Contact me for rates as they vary depending on the size and needs of your company.

Trainings Offered:

Self-Care Strategizing: Best Practices for a Healthy Body and Mind

Self care is more than a tropical vacation or a day at the spa. It is also about the small, daily routines we put in place to ensure our overall sense of fulfillment and wellness while increasing our ability to cope with stress. In this training we will go over the four pillars of self care: nutrition, movement, sleep and relaxation. Simple, accessible, and actionable methods of increasing wellness in all four categories will be provided. More realistic than joining cross fit or meditating for an hour a day, this training presents your employees with ways to strategize their own self care that works for them and their lives.

Simple Stress Release and Regulation: Tools for Overwhelming Times

In our fast paced world, it is more difficult than ever to manage stress. We often turn to less than healthy coping skills just to keep our head above the rising waters of commitments and responsibilities. The truth is, a lower stress life is available to everyone via some key tools. In this training we will go over some basic knowledge about the connection between mind and body. Next, we will practice simple and accessible methods for stress release and regulation, including grounding, sensory soothing, mindfulness, and relaxation. These are concrete skills that can be seamlessly woven into workplace activities and can have an immediate impact on an employee’s stress level.

Tension Releasing Exercises Introductory Workshop: Shake It Out!

As mammals we have natural built in mechanisms for releasing trauma and stress stored in the body, yet as a culture we seem to have lost these innate skills. TRE, or Tension Releasing Exercises, provides simple exercises to remind the nervous system how to release this stored stress through spontaneous tremoring or shaking. This easy to learn but profound method can quickly create a sense of peace and calmness in the body and can be practiced at home or in the office as an effective self help tool. In this training we will go over basic information about the nervous system and how stress and trauma manifests in the body. To finish, we will go over the exercises themselves and practice the release.

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