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Digestive distress. Anxiety you can’t shake. Feeling exhausted half way through the day. Poor sleep. These and other common symptoms are all signs of underlying nervous system disregulation.

The food we put in our body every day is not just fuel- it is also information, telling our nervous system how to respond to our environment with every bite we take. By adjusting our food choices in line with a whole foods, ancestral diet, we can regulate the nervous system back to its evolutionary potential.

Friday August 28th, 4:30-6pm PST, $25

Hosted on zoom. Link will be sent the morning of the event.

About the class: Our nervous system responds to food as INFORMATION, not just fuel. Using a whole foods, ancestral approach to nutrition, you will learn how to transition into a way of eating that supports your nervous system’s optimal health.

The class will cover:
-Simple, accessible steps you can take to transition your diet to a whole foods, ancestral based way of eating
-How to read nutrition labels and ingredient lists to make healthier food choices
-How to see through advertising gimmicks to source the most natural, sustainable products
-Planning meals and snacks to promote maximum intake of full spectrum vitamin and mineral rich foods for optimal health
-Tips for navigating a whole foods diet with a busy life and a tight budget

Jen Donovan is a Licensed Professional Counselor and health coach specializing in nervous system health.

Please contact me with any questions

Event brite link (buy tickets!)
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