New Credential Announcement!

I am officially a credentialed Nutritional Therapy Practitioner! Congratulations to me 🥰I’m going to be transitioning into doing full time nutritional therapy for mental, emotional, and neurological health over the next year. A lot of my practice is going to look the same- a holistic approach to nervous system health- I will just have a wider range of tools (nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, emotional release) at my disposal.

➡️Please spread the word about my new practice! I am already seeing amazing results in my clients by integrating this work into mental health treatment. These interventions are especially helpful in “stubborn” cases that don’t seem to be helped by traditional talk therapy, but can also be a very helpful addition to that type of work.
Conditions I work with:


🌟Anxiety and panic attacks

🌟Neurological symptoms (tics, movement disorders, brain fog, chronic pain, chronic fatigue)

🌟Autonomic nervous system symptoms (dysautonomia)

🌟OCD, Tourette’s, ADHD, autism

🌟Eating disorders

🌟Chronic stress and unresolved chronic PTSD

I have rates for both individuals and families and can work with all ages.

Check out my website for individual coaching rates

I also have affordable self guided online courses

AND for budget friendly group coaching check out my current HEAL YOUR MOOD groups, sign up is open now

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