Healthy carnivore nachos

Fry up about 8oz of ground beef. Finely chop about 1/4 of an onion and add to the beef. Spice as desired. After it is cooked, transfer to a plate and sprinkle a hand full of pork rinds on top. Add a few healthy dollops of sour cream. DIG IN! 🍅What about tomatoes and other low carb plant foods? Some fruits and vegetables contain toxic chemical compounds that can cause, trigger or exacerbate chronic mental and physical health issues. If you are not actively working to heal more severe health issues, and just want a fun low carb snack, feel free to add salsa and other plant goodies! 🍖If you are doing a strict carnivore diet to heal autoimmune issues, you can take out the onions and plant based spices and just add plenty of salt! 🗒 Looking for more recipes and information on how to change your diet to heal your nervous system? Get in touch with me 💻

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