Finding a New Path

You’ve been told that this is just how your brain is. You’ve been told to just accept your symptoms. You’ve tried just getting used to having constant anxiety and feeling keyed up all the time. You’ve tried a million things to try to “cope” with your symptoms. This is just your brain chemistry, they say. Some people just have anxiety. It’s an illness, and you’re stuck with it for life.
✨This could not be farther from the truth. Our brains develop the way they do because of environmental inputs: from NUTRITION, LIFESTYLE, TOXIC LOAD, MOVEMENT, ability to RELEASE EMOTIONS, and exposure to CHRONIC STRESS and TRAUMA. When we change the inputs of these foundational principles, our brains change. It is as simple as that. So are you ready to let go of outdated, disempowering, and rigid medical dogma and instead embrace a different kind of life? Let’s get you started. #healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #healthyliving #healinganxiety #recoveringfromanxiety #anxietyrecovery #anxietydisorders #alternativemedicine #nutritionasmedicine #alternativementalhealth #nervoussystemhealth #healthcoach #mentalhealththerapist #empoweryourself #healyourself #holistichealth #holistichealing #holisticmentalhealth

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