Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Intuition

You know the term “gut feeling”? There’s a reason we call it that. Our enteric nervous system is a whole part of our major sensory organ that lives in our gut lining. But what happens when we are over run with pathogenic bacteria and inflammatory foods? This part of our nervous system can’t work as well. And it affects us in all sorts of ways. We become disconnected from our body’s messages. Our intuition gets faulty. Anxiety signals are triggered in our brain instead. Body awareness is dulled. When we flush toxic pathogens and foods out of our systems, an incredible thing happens. Our enteric nervous system starts functioning optimally. Our intuition turns back on. We become so much more deeply aware of internal cues from our bodies, which is constantly sending us guiding messages. Heal your gut, heal your intuition, heal your self awareness. Confused on how to get started? I can guide you. Follow the link in my bio to see more about my services. #intuition #bodyawareness #bodywisdom #healyourintuition #healanxiety #healinganxiety #healingstress #guthealing #healingyourgut #guthealth #mindbodyhealth #holistichealth #holistichealthcoach #holistichealing #alternativementalhealth #entericnervoussystem #gutfeeling #nervoussystemhealth

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