Sleep Is The Ultimate Detox

Sleep is so often seen as an after thought to our self care routines. But good quality sleep is essential to our health! Sleep is how your brain detoxes. Waste products from all the stress and intensity of the day are flushed out through our sleep cycles. Deep emotions are subconsciously processed during sleep so we can file them away and move on with our lives. So how do we expect to have a healthy nervous system when we aren’t sleeping optimally? These natural processes are interrupted when we rely on pharmaceutical sleep aides. If you are struggling with sleep, there are many adjustments we can make to help. This may look like shifting your bedtime routine, giving you tools to come down from the stress of the day, changing eating habits, and other “bio hacks” you can discover with a better understanding of your physiology and how it functions. Contact me today and we can get your sleep on track! #sleephygiene #holistichealth #improveyoursleep #sleepquality #detox #holistichealth #nervoussystemhealth #healthcoach #healthandwellness #healingchronicillness #healingthenervoussystem #healinganxiety #holisticwellness #healingtrauma

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