The Nervous System Can “Shake Off” Overwhelm

Our bodies contain incredible wisdom. We have mechanisms that exist in our nervous system to help us release feelings of stress, overwhelm, and fear. We are not destined for chronic PTSD, anxiety, or depression. These illnesses are in response to a body that is struggling to return to homeostasis after stress or trauma. But all the tools we need to rebalance are already inside us. By going back to the intuitive movements of the body: shaking, tremoring, laughing, stretching, crying, and yawning, we can release the deep tension patterns that underlie our stressors. It doesn’t mean the external stresses of our life will go away. We may still struggle with difficult relationships, systemic oppression, or dysfunctional early life imprints, but by allowing our body to release and balance in these ways we can navigate these difficulties more easily and smoothly. #releasetension #traumarelease #traumareleaseexercises #traumareleaseexercise #releasetrauma #tensionrelease #tensionreleasingexercises #tensionandtraumareleasingexercises #ptsdrelease #traumatherapy #chronicstress #anxietytherapy #somatictherapy #alternativementalhealth

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