My Healing Story

When I was 26, I got sick. Really sick. Every day, I felt like I was dying. I started getting escalating symptoms in every system of my body. Soon, I was nearly bed ridden, barely had the energy to walk a block, could only tolerate about 10 different foods, could hardly go into public because of everything I reacted to, and was riddled with a constant state of anxiety and dread.
Medical professionals had failed me. With nothing left to try, I decided the only thing left was to completely change my diet and lifestyle to try to heal. It was the best decision I have ever made and it completely transformed my life.
The road bas been long, winding, and hard, but today I am more than 90% symptom free and living in a healthier body and calmer mind than I ever thought was possible for me. I am here to tell you that healing from chronic illness is possible. Living a life full of energy, motivation, and contentment is accessible to you.
After my experience of profound healing, it has become my passion to help others walk their own path. I want to help empower you to take your health into your own hands and create the life that is your birth right. #healingstories #healingjourney #healthandwellness #healinginspo #anxietyrecovery #nervoussystemhealth #healinganxiety #healingchronicillness #healingautoimmune #youcanheal #healingmentalillness #healthcoaching #nutritionasmedicine #foodasmedicine #healinglifestyle #healingwithfood

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