How to Use Acceptance for Change

New contexts require new tools. Recognizing that your situation has changed, and different choices will serve you better now, is accomplished by mindful awareness of the present moment. It is done by tuning in deeply, by not assuming anything, by a cultivated sense of curiosity as to what might be, and a deep acceptance of what you find that is. After that, it’s all experimentation. What routines, patterns, and beliefs are going to be most helpful to you right now, in this particular context of how your life is today? It will always be changing. There will always be something new to consider. Nothing is set in stone. You can learn to maneuver the shifting of life with inquisitiveness, always asking, what will help me most right now? 💙 #mentalhealth #patterns #changingbehaviors #traumahealing #ptsdtherapy #traumatherapy #mentalhealththerapist #ptsd #feelingstuck #mindfulawareness #mindfulness

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