Increasing distress tolerance to manage triggers

Our nervous systems are very intelligent. It knows that the only way out of trauma is through it. They know that when our bodies take on trauma, we have to tolerate the associated sensations long enough to let it release. What goes up must come down. We have to experience a this completion. The cycle has to come back around to the starting place. But many of the traumas and stressors our bodies need to release cause a cascade of highly distressing thoughts, sensations, and feelings. Only by working with our nervous system to gently increase our tolerance for these sensations can we allow them to complete, and release. Other wise our nervous system will again and again get ourselves into situations where we relive old traumas in order to allow that stuck cycle to finally move. Trauma is not a life sentence. But it does take compassion and trust in our body’s natural abilities to heal in order to move through it. #ptsd #ptsdtherapy #distresstolerance #traumahealing #healingtrauma #mentalhealththerapy #mentalhealththerapist #traumatherapy

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