Good days and bad days

instead of having good days and bad days, good years and bad years, try thinking about it in terms of questions and answers, lessons and solutions. The hard days give us opportunities to think deeply about our lives. What is happening? Why is it happening? How can I understand this experience? How do I make sense of it all? The circumstances that bring up these questions can be extremely painful, but they are also essential parts of our continued growth. Eventually, a day will come when the questions don’t seem so dark and looking. The answers will start to come intuitively- they may pop up and surprise you, or come on more gradually. You will have new experiences and new realizations. That inner sense of knowing will fill you: THIS is why. This was the lesson I had to learn. This is the answer. We need the years that bring us questions so we can eventually come to a place of deeper knowledge, of new experience, of deeper awareness of self. Trust that the pain will pass. Trust that the questions will turn into answers. #trust #faith #lessons #lessonslearned #lifelessons #findingmeaning #findingpurpose #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealth #spirituality #spiritualmeaning #spiritualpurpose #lifepurpose #mentalhealththerapy #mentalhealththerapist #posttraumaticgrowth

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