Myths We Live By

Myths we live by: most of us are unconsciously living our day to day lives according to a set of beliefs we have about ourselves, our emotions, and how we assume people relate to each other. We may not even realize we are living our lives and making choices in relation to these beliefs. We have to stop, pause, and peer under the surface to really understand where the root of our actions and assumptions are coming from. What myths do you live by? What do you believe about emotions that you may not even realize you are enacting in your relationships every day? And do you know these beliefs are true? Or could they possibly be myths you have long accepted but never investigated? What would change in your life if you gently started to challenge these beliefs? #mythsweliveby #dbt #dialecticalbehaviortherapy #mentalhealthtips #subconsciousprogramming #subconsciousbeliefs #beliefsystem #healthyemotions #healthybeliefs #whatwebelieve #changeyourbeliefs #mentalhealththerapist #mentalhealththerapy

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