Conflict Resolving Skills

Learning how to address problems and conflicts with people is one of the most useful skills we can have. And yet this is rarely something we are taught how to do! Wouldn’t it be amazing if all children were taught these skills by default? Even if you’ve been at a loss for how to address conflict for most of your life, you can learn how by following some simple steps. ⭐️ Describe: let them know what the problem is in objective terms ⭐️ Express: why do you care? ⭐️ Assert: what would you like to be different? ⭐️ Negotiate: hear the other person’s perspective. ⭐️ Implement: come up with a plan of action that works okay for everybody. While these steps may seem simple, sometimes putting it into practice is more difficult. If you think your problem solving skills need a little more work, contact me to set up an appointment. These are essential skills that will help improve your life and relationships ! #relationshiptherapy #couplestherapy #couplescounseling #relationshipcounselling #problemsolving #communicationskills #relationshipskills #negotiation #confrontingconflict #mentalhealththerapy #beassertive #mentalhealththerapists #relationshiptherapist

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