How to change

There is something about change that comes from deep within. The willingness- the openness- to try something different. A feeling of receptivity. Of surrender. It comes from noticing over and over again when we are not doing the thing we want to be different, and then re aligning ourselves with our chosen path. The inner awareness that we are drifting away from who we want to be can only come with deepening self knowledge. With great self compassion. With profound self understanding. Gently nudging yourself back to your chosen path. Again and again. Noticing when you stray away. And coming back. This practice has to come from within. From your own belief. From your own conviction. From your own desire. Let’s start building yours. #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealththerapist #willingness #change #changingbehaviors #practicingchange #mindfulawareness #inspiration #inspirationtochange

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