Holding space for yourself

We cannot just get rid of hurt and trauma and betrayal. There will always be a part of us that holds it. Even if we are able to release it from our bodies, to bring our nervous systems back to grounded- we will always have had the experience. It is there to teach us, to strengthen us, to give us perspective, to give us wisdom. And if we try to discard or destroy the memories, the lessons, the reality of it, it will only cling to us harder. All we can do is find new ways to hold it. To contain it. To be with it. In a way that doesn’t constrict you- doesn’t suffocate you- doesn’t confine you. To be instead a gentle caretaker of the hurts that live inside you. #traumahealing #traumarecovery #ptsdrecovery #cptsd #cptsdrecovery #betrayaltrauma #traumatherapy #traumainformedtherapy #traumarelease #healingfromtrauma #traumatherapist

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