Non Monogamous Relationships Welcome and Accepted

Did you know that one of my specialties is working with non monogamous relationships? More and more people are venturing into non traditional relationship styles, and the main stream world of couples counseling has not caught up! That’s one reason the inclusive services I provide for relationship therapy are so unique. It could be that you’re in a long term monogamous relationship and you are curious about exploring with other people, but you want to do it in the healthiest, safest, most ethical way. Perhaps you have been practicing non monogamy for quite some time and need help navigating the complex and sometimes tangled interactions to best get everyone’s needs met. Perhaps you are venturing into some aspect of non monogamy and are surprised at the deep and confusing feelings it has brought up for you. Maybe you aren’t ready to do non monogamy yet, but you want to know more about what it could look like when you are ready. Maybe you need help negotiating boundaries in a non monogamous relationship that is new or has shifted recently. Whether you are swingers, polyamorous, have an open relationship, or don’t know what to call it, I can help. My degree in couples and family therapy combined with extensive personal and professional experience with non monogamous relationships of many types allows me to provide competent and insightful guidance, where other therapist may pass negative judgment or just not “get it”. Now accepting new clients! Contact information in my bio. #nonmonogamy #polyamory #openrelationship #swinging #swinginglifestyle #alternativerelationship #lifestyle #polyamorous #openmarriage #nonmonogamous #couplestherapy #relationshiptherapy #marriagecounseling #couplescounseling #eugenetherapist #mentalhealththerapist #relationshiptherapist

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