What Therapy Is

I love this analogy for therapy! Therapists are there as a guide. A facilitator. An expert. An educator. A library. But you do the work. You decide how to implement the tools and information in your life that is going to best fit for you. I always tell me clients in the first session, “I need to hear when I say something that doesn’t feel right. I need to hear if I suggest something that you would never do. I need to hear if something we are working on feels wrong or off in any way.” Because I will adjust accordingly. You are the client. You are in charge. You make the session what it is. You can be open or closed, active or passive, curious or willful. It is your journey. It is your work. I am simply here with my hands out behind you, supporting you along your own path. #mentalhealth #mentalhealththerapist #mentalhealththerapy #therapytips #psychotherapy #responsibility #initiative #howtherapyworks

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