Visualization for Caregiving Wounds

Visualization for processing your relationships with caregivers. Do this when you have ample time to journal and process afterward. Make sure you are able to ground and center yourself before hand. Always do visualizations in a comfortable setting where you feel safe. Visualizations can have an amazing impact on the brain because our neural pathways can’t actually tell the different between visualizing something and actually engaging in the same action. This visualization can help you investigate how your relationships with your caregivers have impacted you today, without having to actually face them in person. I adapted this from Marcia Hutchinson’s book “Redefining Body Image”. #visualization #guidedvisualization #attachmentwork #attachmenthealing #familyoforigin #familysystems #innerchild #innerchildwork #mentalhealth #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealththerapist #mindbodywork #mindbodyhealing #complexptsd #cptsd #healingcptsd #familytrauma #healingtrauma #healingfamilytrauma

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