Cultivating curiosity

Feelings are not facts. And they are not enemies. They are not annoyances to be gotten rid of. Feelings are information. Feelings are a product of our nervous system picking up on something in our inner or outer environment it perceives to be significant. Feelings do not show up for no reason. You may find that the reason isn’t rational, or helpful, or necessary- but there is still a reason. Helping your nervous system investigate and evaluate where the feeling is coming from, what information it is trying to give you, and what messages it has for you is going to be so much more valuable than shoving it aside or desperately trying to distract yourself from it. You don’t have to take every feeling you have seriously. There is nothing you have to do because you have a particular feeling. But it is your job to be curious about it, ask it where it’s coming from, what it’s needing, and how you can help it move through you. #feelings #emotionalregulation #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealth #mentalhealththerapy #mentalhealthawareness #emotionalskills #managingemotions

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