Stick with the feelings

Stick with the feelings. When the time is right, let yourself curl up beside them. Breathe. Open your arms to them. Expand into them. With each breath, watch them shift, grow, and change. Notice the nuances unfold, moment to moment. Let go of your illusions. There are no stories needed now. There is no judgment about what is better or worse that will help right now. Just be here with what is unfolding. Here. In this moment. Keep bringing yourself back. As organic beings, change is inevitable. All living creatures exist because of a dynamic state of flow constantly unfolding inside of us and in relation to our environment. So each feeling we experience will inevitably shift too. And if we sit with them, if we let them expand and change, if we let go of our own stories about them and stay present with them in each moment- the acceptance, the purpose, the meaning of it all will come naturally. #mindfulness #breathwork #breathe #bepresent #presence #emotionalregulation #awareness #presentmomentawareness #beherenow #letgo #anxiety #anxietyrelief #distresstolerance #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthtips #acceptance

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