Practice Not Perfect

We think in such final, linear ways in our society. We think if we work hard enough, practice enough, are good enough people, we will reach some final end goal of a life that is happy, content, fulfilling, stable, organized. When this doesn’t happen, we assume it means that we did something wrong. We must not have been focused enough, or diligent enough, or we must not really be deserving of it. But life does not work in straight lines. It does not work to say that B will come if we just do A. Life is a series of turning towards and drifting away. There is not a final act that will officially check the box of “a good life”. Life is all practice. All we can do is define our values- what do we believe is important? Is best for ourselves, our families, our communities, or planet? What do we care about? Once we have an idea of the ideals we want to try to live our lives by, we do that: we just try. There is no perfect score here. Nature does not make straight lines. We simply turn towards those values as we can, as we remember to, as we remind ourselves to. And inevitably, because of the laws of chaos that govern our experience as an organism, we will start to drift away. We will forget, we will get distracted, we will get careless. That is a part of the natural cycle of our lives. When we find ourselves doing this, all we can do is gently pull ourselves back. Try again. Practice. Remind ourselves: these are the ideals I’m working on living my life by. And eventually, we will drift again. And we will pull ourselves back. THIS IS WHAT MAKES A GOOD LIFE. This is what makes a good person. Not perfection. Just noticing the drift. And returning to the path. Again. And again. And again. #mindfulness #mentalhealthtips #practicenotperfection #mentalhealththerapist #mentalhealththerapy #mentalhealth #acceptance #commitment #acceptanceandcommitmenttherapy #mindfulnesstherapy #therapytips #begentlewithyourself #practicekindness #defineyourvalues #corevalues

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