Ride the Wave

RIDE THE WAVE. Can you picture your emotions and the sensations you feel in your body like water? The water may rise and the water may fall. The water may get smooth or the water may get choppy. There may be little ripples and there may be big waves. But you are like a seagull that rides every swell, knowing that no matter how big the wave, it will eventually come back down to smooth water. One universal truth is this: all feelings and sensations are temporary, no matter how intense. As organic beings we are always in a state of flux and shift. Once we trust in the natural ability of the body to settle, we can better allow ourselves to ride the waves of intense experience with deeper strength and resilience. #ridethewave #dbtskills #mindfulness #mindfulawareness #mindfulnesspractice #anxietyrelief #resilience #innerstrength #traumarecovery #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealththerapist

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