How do we tolerate stress more effectively? One way is to tether ourselves to a state of mindfulness of calmness in order to experience stress less intensely. Our parasympathetic nervous system is activated to make us feel calm. Our sympathetic nervous system is activated when we feel stressed. It was thought until recently that we can only have one part of our nervous system activated at a time- we can either feel calm or stressed, but not both. Now, neuroscience has shown that we can train our nervous system to tether to our parasympathetic response while our sympathetic nervous system is engaged. This is why practices like yoga, when done with a mindful attitude, can have so much benefit for building stress tolerance. Doing an activity that causes physical stress (activating your sympathetic nervous system), while intentionally cultivating calm and peaceful thoughts and relaxed facial muscles, actually provides a mechanism for both parts of our nervous system being simultaneously activated. In this way we can tether a stress response to the calm center of our nervous system, training us to be able to tolerate more stress before becoming overwhelmed. We can use many different techniques to practice this: even just bringing something soothing like a stress ball to a difficult meeting or interaction is an example. What could tether you? #mindfulness #mindbodyconnection #nervoussystemhealth #nervoussystemregulation #mentalhealth #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealththerapy #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealththerapist #mindfulawareness #yogatherapy

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