Tension and release. Tension and release. This is the natural rhythm of the body. We tense to cope with stress, and we release that tension once the stress is gone to return to a state of calmness. The body has natural, physiological mechanisms for releasing tension. When we disconnect from our bodily instincts and stay in our heads, intellectualizing our distress, we block these instinctual processes from unfolding. When we are disconnected from our bodies, some of these release mechanisms can feel awkward and strange when we first start to allow them in. But we can start to tune into our instincts and experimenting with allowing some of these processes to unfold. When our bodies need to release tension, you may spontaneously laugh big belly laughs, or cry and wail. Allowing our muscles to shake and tremble is another way of releasing tension from the body. You can also use yawning, stretching, and allow your body to move into intuitive shapes as you stretch or dance. By opening yourself to these deeply wise physical tools, your body will naturally release internal tension patterns and allow you to return to a place of calmness. #flow #ptsdtherapy #anxietytherapy #depressionsupport #anxietysupport #tension #tensionrelease #bodywisdom #somatictherapy #somaticwisdom #mentalhealth #mentalhealththerapy #mentalhealththerapist #eugeneoregon #eugenetherapist #stressrelief #stressrelease

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