I love the concept of flow! It is so relevant when it comes to talking about nervous system health. Our bodies will built to flow smoothly in between nervous system states- to allow our bodies to easily up regulate when needed- and quickly down regulate again as soon as we can. Our bodies were designed for this ease of flow. It’s only when suffering from the effects of chronic stress that we get stuck on low or stuck on high- moving between states might feel jarring or overwhelming. Using our breath is a great way to begin bringing more of a sensation of flow into our lives: with each inhale our sympathetic (up regulating) system is stimulated, and with each exhale our parasympathetic (down regulating) system is stimulated. Can you feel this subtleness- this shift with every breath? You probably won’t at first! But taking the time to tune in can help you bring more awareness and intention into the flow between nervous system states. If you tend towards being stuck on low, try making your inhales slightly longer than your exhales, and notice any slight changes in heart rate, skin temperature, and sensations of increased energy. If you tend towards being stuck on high, try making your exhales slightly longer than your inhales. Notice any shifts that occur- maybe a slight slowing or calming sensation. Then try making your inhales and exhales of equal length. Notice whatever happens- even if you don’t notice anything, notice that! If you want more support in reaching a state of increased flow in your nervous system, contact me to book an appointment. #eugenetherapist #eugeneoregon #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealththerapist #mentalhealthtips #nervoussystemhealth #oregontherapist #nervoussystemregulation #flow #ptsdtherapy #anxietytherapy #anxietysupport #depressionsupport

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