Co Regulation

How do we learn to regulate our physical and emotional responses? We are not born knowing how to cope with hardship. Babies are easily overwhelmed by any discomfort. How do we learn resilience? How do we learn to get anxious to in a stressful situation, and then soothe ourselves after wards? A healthy nervous system can flow easily between states of agitation and states of calmness. But we do not learn this flow on our own. We learn it through “co regulation” with others. As social creatures, who depend on interpersonal bonds for survival, our nervous systems are finely tuned to pick up on the physical and energetic cues of each other. Incredible research has shown that our heart rate, breathing pace, and brain waves will sync up to others- especially in closely attached relationships such as children and parents. Children need the role modeling of a well regulated adult in order to learn their own regulation skills. They need to not only to see the adults in their lives soothe themselves after stress, they need to FEEL it. They need to experience the gaze softening, the body temperature lowering, the heart rate slowing. Our deep subconscious picks up on these shifts, which over time programs our own nervous systems to reach a state of healthy flow. For me, the lesson here is that we profoundly need each other to learn healthy regulation. It is an undeniable part of our physiology. #nervoussystem #nervoussystemhealth #nervoussystemregulation #coregulation #attachment #attachmentparenting #attachmenttheory #mentalhealthawareness #regulation #selfregulation #mentalhealththerapist #mentalhealththerapy

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