Sensory Soothing

We all share one common trauma: being born! In the womb we are in the most soothing sensory bath we will ever experience. We are warm, it is dark, it is quiet, we get all the sustenance we need without any struggle, we hear the rhythmic sound of our parents heartbeat. When we are born, the change is shocking and overwhelming to our nervous system. There is light, sound, cold, hunger, and all sorts of other new and distressing stimuli all around us. For the rest our lives, we have to learn how to use the tools available to us to soothe our senses and recall that state of perfect calmness and bliss we experienced in the womb. Ideally, our caregivers help us learn to do this as a young child. When we are cold they bring us a blanket. When we are scared they give us a hug. Slowly, over time, we learn to provide these soothing cues for ourselves. But even those of us who had good childhoods didn’t always learn these skills, and those who experienced neglect and abuse almost certainly didn’t. Now, as adults, we have to retrain our nervous systems to tune into sensory cues that tell us we can be quiet, still, safe, and calm. Notice what sensations do this for you? Are there smells, textures, levels of lights, music or other sounds, that cue even the slightest hint of a safe, cozy, protected feeling? The sound of chimes? The rhythm of a drum? Curling into a ball? Rocking gently from foot to foot? Dimming the lights? A warm bath? Think of what you might have loved about being in the womb, and try to recreate that in little ways when you need soothing. #traumarecovery #developmentaltrauma #ptsdrecovery #ptsdtreatment #mentalhealththerapist #chronicstress #mentalhealthtips #nervoussystemhealth #sensoryplay #sensorysoothing #selfsoothing #soothingsensations #sensorytools #bodyfocusedtherapy #somaticpsychology #somatictherapy

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