Body Feelings

What are you feeling right now? For many people it’s hard to name the array of emotions that currently inhabit your body. It’s often even harder to describe the physical sensations that these emotions create. But it is within these sensations that hold the answers to moving through them. Once we allow our bodies to experience a sensation, it will start to permit a shift. Blocking ourselves from them only serves to keep us stuck. So notice what emotions you are feeling right now. Name as many as you can. Pick one that feels most important in this moment. Try to do this intuitively. Now notice where that feeling has settled in your body. How do you know? What sensation is the emotion creating in that place? An aching? A buzzing? A hardness? A lightness? Is there a temperature that is has? What about texture? Does it feel fuzzy, rubbery, soft, spikey? Does it have a color? Once you have investigated the nature of this emotion and the sensations it creates, try to sit with it for as long as you can tolerate. And notice as it shifts. It inevitably will. It is the natural state of an organism to always be in shift and flow. Sit with it- and trust that it will move on by itself. #bodywisdom #anxietytips #depressiontips #ptsdtips #ptsdrecovery #traumarecovery #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealththerapist #bodybasedtherapy #somatictherapy #holisticmentalhealth

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