Grounding Skills

How can we use our knowledge of the nervous system to help us ground, center, calm? Our nervous system uses cues from our body and our environment in order to know when to become stressed and anxious. Similarly, we can actively engage in practices that cue our nervous system that it’s time be safe, be calm, and rest. Including these practices in your daily routines can help shift a chronically activated nervous system to a more flexible one with a calmer baseline. When you breathe, try to make your exhales a second or two longer than your inhales. It would not be possible to breathe this way if you were running away from something, so can cue your nervous system that you must be safe. Try pressing your feet flat into the floor, and feeling every part of the bottom of your feet against the floor. This cues safety for the same reason. Try relaxing the muscles of your face, especially around the eyes and the roof of the mouth. If you can’t relax them, try tensing them first and then relaxing them. If we are encountering a threat, these muscles would be tense, poised, ready for defense. But allowing these muscles to relax, we can cue the nervous system that we are safe, we can be calm. #nervoussystemhealth #calmingpractice #anxietytips #ptsdtips #anxietyrecovery #ptsdrecovery #holisticmentalhealth #nervoussystemregulation #groundingskills #grounding #relaxationskills #mentalhealth #

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