What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a word I sometimes avoid using because so many people use it to mean so many different things. But it’s a beautiful word, and can have profound meaning, so I’ll share what I mean by it here- and what I don’t mean by it! To me, mindfulness simply means awareness without judgment. It is the skill to be able to simply notice that something is happening, and stop there. It is to tune in, to deeply pay attention, and not have to take things any further than that. Mindfulness is not an excuse to bypass emotions and pretend we are not feeling them. It is not about “transcending” our emotions. Instead, it is a chance to deeply notice and experience our emotions, AND THEN NOT MAKE JUDGMENTS ABOUT THEM. So often we put so much value laden meaning on our own inner experience. What if we could let that go, even just for a few minutes, or a few seconds? What if we could just let that emotion be what it is? We generally develop snap judgments about our emotions. We feel sad, and then feel frustrated about feeling sad. We feel angry, and then feel shame about feeling angry. Mindfulness, to me, is about letting go of the judgment of our own experiences. Can you bring awareness to your feelings of sadness, and let go of the rest? Can you notice your deep, burning sensations of anger, and just allow your awareness to settle there for awhile? Release yourself of having to make any more meaning from it right now. And often, when we allow ourselves to settle in this way, we find that the emotions start to flow and shift all on their own. If you feel like you would benefit in more guidance in this process, contact me for more information on services! #mentalhealth #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealththerapist #mentalhealththerapy #mindfulness #mindfulnesstherapy #buildingawareness #copingskills #emotions #mindfulnessskills #eugenetherapist #mentalhealthservices #holisticmentalhealth #somatictherapy #bodyawareness #ptsdtherapy #anxietytherapy #chronicstress

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