Rest and Digest

Rest and digest mode, also known as our social engagement system or our parasympathetic nervous system ❤️ this is the part of our nervous system that is activated when we feel safe. It should be our baseline: the part of our nervous system that we are in the majority of the time, and that we return to after stress. When you are in your parasympathetic nervous system, your immune and digestive systems are working at full capacity, your heart rate and breathing is so slow and steady, and your mind feels centered and relaxed. You often feel curious, eager to learn new things and have new experiences. You may feel urges to connect with and be intimate towards other people. This is the part of the nervous system where we feel attachment to others, and a sense of having a meaningful place in the universe. As a first step to increasing your ability to be in this state: notice the times when you are naturally in this state already. Notice the things you already do that bring you closer to this state. Notice the sensory cues- the smells, sounds, sensations that relax you. Tune in and pay attention to what makes you feel safe- what makes you feel calm. The more you notice this… the more this state will naturally expand in your life ☀️. #restanddigest #parasympathetic #parasympatheticnervoussystem #socialengagementsystem #nervoussystemhealth #nervoussystemregulation #calmcenter #grounded #centered #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealththerapist #bodybasedtherapy #somatictherapy #bodyawareness #nervoussystemsupport #holisticmentalhealth

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