A trauma informed approach to life

What does it mean to live our lives and move through the world from a trauma informed framework? It means to ask certain questions over others: instead of “what is wrong with this person?”, we ask, “what happened to this person?”. It is having the assumption that we all come to the table with trauma and emotional baggage. We all have nervous systems that have been negatively impacted by our culture of chronic stress. And we choose to believe that if given the right supports, anyone could do the healing work necessary to lead a fulfilling, successful life. When someone is stuck in unhealthy patterns, we can choose to believe that they must not have all the supports they need- not that they have inherent flaws. We don’t ask why some people manage better than others- we assume everyone is doing their best and we mourn the gaps in support that cause people to suffer long term. By having this perspective we do not excuse toxic or abusive behaviors- we can still set boundaries with harmful people. But it is our understanding that changes. It is the way we move through the world that shifts. This is a trauma informed world view. See how it changes your interactions when you move through the world with this approach. #trauma #traumainformed #traumainformedcare #traumarecovery #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillnessawareness #traumaawareness #chronicstress #emotionalboundaries #ptsd #ptsdrecovery #posttraumaticgrowth #newperspective #traumainformedperspective

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