Trying to Heal in a Broken World

Let’s be honest for a minute: working to regulate our nervous systems doesn’t mean we won’t feel pain or experience oppression anymore. The world we live in today is a world built on violence and trauma. There are so many awful things about our society that we realistically have very little power to change, and yet affect us and our lives deeply. Many of us with marginalized identities cannot escape from the systematic oppression that causes our suffering- no amount of self work will stop other people and institutions from creating violence in our lives.

What our own self work can do is to help us interface with these challenges in a more helpful way. This work will not make the pain of our reality go away- but it can help our bodies find ways to navigate it better, and to mentally recover from experiences of oppression more quickly. It doesn’t stop the stress- but it helps us come down from that surge of stress and adrenalin more easily. It allows us to find more softness, more moments of joy, and more ability to flow in and out of our emotions.

Nervous system regulation work is essential to allow our brains to be more gentle with our bodies when the world isn’t gentle. It allows you to be at more peace with your own authentic self when the world is set on destroying you. It’s not the cure to a broken world- but it is a way to move through it.

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