The Stress Response

The stress response is a natural part of our physiology. Feeling anxiety is a healthy experience in response to a threat or challenge. If a deer didn’t feel stress when it is startled by an approaching cougar, it wouldn’t be as likely to be able to run to safety. If we didn’t feel anxiety before a big test or an interview, we might not be as focused during the experience. A healthy nervous system can flow in and out of the stress response smoothly and easily in a beautiful flow: it can activate anxiety when appropriate and then calm itself quickly once the threat has passed.

The problem is that many people are stuck in an experience of CHRONIC STRESS. The stress they’ve experienced is so extreme, or has occurred for so long, that their nervous system becomes stuck in a chronic state of stress and anxiety. The nervous system becomes exhausted and dis regulated, triggering many other disparate mental and physical health symptoms.

In these cases, sometimes our nervous system needs a little extra intention and a little more help to come out of this chronic stress response and remember what it’s like to return to a calm baseline. Our bodies contain the ability to discharge this excess energy- sometimes we just need a little help re learning trust in our bodies in order to remember how.

TRE (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises) provides us a modality for returning to our nervous systems natural state of ebb and flow, through stress and calmness and back and forth as is needed. It gives us the tools to reconnect a feeling of trust in the power and profound wisdom of our bodies. Contact me today for more information or to book an appointment.

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