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What I provide…

Let’s reset your nervous system.

I help people heal their nervous systems. Why focus on nervous system health? Our nervous system is the foundation of our well being. When our nervous system is disregulated, it can manifest in mental health disturbances, unresolved PTSD, chronic fatigue, food cravings, digestive discomfort, autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression, brain fog, difficulty focusing, chronic pain, neurological issues, child aggression and behavioral issues, and a host of other nagging health issues. In our work I can help you re-connect to your body and re-gain a sense of peace and calm.

Your nervous system is the great conductor of your mind body connection. My unique blend of holistic counseling will help you re regulate a chronically stressed and overloaded nervous system.

  • Factors affecting the nervous system that we can address:
    -Nutritional deficiencies
    -Blood sugar regulation
    -Microbiome imbalance
    -Sleep quality
    -Stress management
    -Emotion and trauma release
    -Routine building
    -Other lifestyle practices to improve nervous system health
  • I believe in building a lifestyle as close in line to our ancestral heritage as possible. My focus is to help you create an environment in which your nervous system can feel safe, thrive, and begin to heal itself.
  • I am informed by ancestral nutritional practices popularized by Dr. Weston A. Price as well as a wide variety of theories related to nervous system health such as polyvagal theory, mindfulness, sensorimotor psychotherapy, and Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride’s work on the GAPS diet.
  • I believe deeply in bio-individuality. That is, no two people are exactly alike and the same tools will not work for everyone. Whether we are working on nutritional recommendations, daily routine changes, or stress management skills, I take the time to get to know each client as a complex person with unique needs.
  • I work to be inclusive to a diverse range of marginalized identities who may be reluctant to participate in therapy or health coaching due to past negative experiences. I try to be aware of how experiences of systemic oppression may influence our work together. Racism, fatphobia, transphobia, and other social issues are all important factors in addressing your personal health and wellness journey.

More About My Practice and Philosophy…

I believe the root cause of many mental health problems relate to chronic disregulation of the nervous system. The food we eat, the products we put on our bodies, the relationships we are in, the way we schedule our days and how we process emotions can all contribute to nervous system disregulation.
I can help you re-regulate.
A well regulated nervous system allows us to interact in the world in a grounded and authentic manner. We can feel energetic, calm and motivated. We can experience stressful emotions without being overwhelmed. We can enjoy nourishing foods without distressing cravings. Our bodies already contain this knowledge- we can establish sustainable lifestyle practices that help us learn to listen!
     Healing is possible. In fact, our bodies often demand we heal by producing frustrating and seemingly inexplicable symptoms. We can find ways to work with the body’s natural healing capacities. Our work together is fully defined by you; I am simply a guide to keep you on a helpful path.
     There are no hard rules to your healing: my only goal is to help you find the path that will fit best for you and your life.

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